Stainless Steel Wall Shelf With Side Edge

Stainless Steel Wall Shelf With Side Edge

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This shelf comes with a rolled, 1 5/8" bullnose front edge, turned down square sides, and a 1" turned up rear edge. It can be bolted to a wall through the 2 included support brackets for easy installation. ***6" longer shelf comes with 3 wall brackets***

12" wall shelf

WSSL1224 12"X24"
WSSL1236 12"X36"
WSSL1248 12"X48"
WSSL1260 12"X60"
WSSL1272 12"X72"
WSSL1284 12"X84"
WSSL1296 12"X96"
WSSL12120 12"X120"


18" wall shelf

WSSL1824 18"X24"
WSSL1836 18"X36"
WSSL1848 18"X48"
WSSL1860 18"X60"
WSSL1872 18"X72"
WSSL1884 18"X84"
WSSL1896 18"X96"
WSSL18120 18"X120"