10 Pan End Load Aluminum Bun Pan Rack
10 Pan End Load Aluminum Bun Pan Rack

10 Pan End Load Aluminum Bun Pan Rack

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10 pan end load half height bun pan rack is perfect for your low- to medium-volume kitchen. Use this product to hold and transport pans full of doughnuts, cookies, baked chicken, or other foods around your back- and front-of-house area. Thanks to its sturdy metal construction, this rack is extremely durable to withstand use in your commercial restaurant, bakery, or cafeteria.
  • Provides Ample Storage Space

    The rails on this rack are spaced 3" apart, giving your foods plenty of room so air can properly circulate. It also has a 485 lb. weight capacity, so you can safely hold all of your cooked or prepared foods.

  • Durable Aluminum Construction

    To ensure this product can withstand use in your busy commercial kitchen, it is made with a durable, lightweight aluminum material. This material also means that you don't need to worry about the sheet pan rack rusting.

  • Wheels Included

    This sheet pan rack comes with 2 locking and 2 non-locking 5" polyurethane casters. ***Bun Pan is not included***

  • Two options available

    Knock-down version and all welded version


BR1826H Knock-Down Bun Pan Rack 18"x26"x39"
BR1826HW All Welded Bun Pan Rack 18"x26"x39"